Developer Services
From inception to completion and ongoing management. We’re here.


At All Sydney Strata, we recognise the complexity of a developer’s job and the difficulty of maintaining a development. With these issues and struggles kept in mind, our services aid your team and to provide assistance linked with the project and help you attain your goals.

Guaranteeing an easy transition from the beginning to completion.

Our professional development team assist you setting up of your development from construction to the registration of your project, we can help you with:

Areas of Assistance
  • Selecting and organising competitively priced insurances,
  • Coordinating and appointing service providers including, building managers, cleaners and gardeners,
  • Working out the levies for your sales material,
  • Prompt settlement of lots by working closely with your solicitors.

Our knowledge and experience from our professional management team with over 20+ years’ experience have the expertise in detecting developer’s mistakes that others simply cannot identify. Our close relations with our developers and direct input prevent problematic issues before they arise thus protecting our developer’s interests.

Our help can also make certain your purchasers experience a smooth journey from inspecting properties until the completion of sale. So, our assistance, it will ensure your purchasers continuing their reliance on your future developments.

Our appointment will assist you on

Our appointment will assist you on
  • Provide advice on unit entitlement valuation
  •  Assisting with building contract upon completion
  •  Drafting shared facility schedule
  •  Help on by-laws and management statements
  •  Prepare strata levy estimations
  •  Issue s184 certificates
  •  Organising insurance’s quotations
  •  Setting up books including records, common seal
  • Smooth handover to purchasers

Customer Satisfaction

Working with new developments can be time consuming and can be a rigourous task, All Sydney Strata can guide you through all of the requirements and aspects of development to ensure your development proceeds without any hindrance or hiccups. We pride ourselves on being able to assist all developers and their developments by ensuring all tasks are completed in a timely and well managed fashion. Mistakes can be costly, therefore understanding compliance, regulations and laying out the groundwork is of vital importance when undertaking any new development.


Delivering exceptional management services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties throughout Sydney and providing consultancy services to many succesful developers and construction companies nation wide.

With over 2.19 Billion dollars in managed properties including management of trust accounts to the value of 19 Million dollars All Sydney Strata is able to assist in management and consultancy for projects of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest lots to the largest, we have the expertise and know how coupled with an amazing team to ensure you receive the highest level of service and results for your property.